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Site Global is the leading Outdoor Advertising company in the UAE. We provide premier media and advertising solutions, which allow companies to engage and interact with their target audience. Site Global uses its Outdoor Media (Billboards & Hoardings), 3D Mockups, Signage and LED resources to help brands tell their story and shape their image, create an attractive and distinguished display, promote a special sale or product, and all other media or advertising requirements.

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Our sites take advantage of maximum visibility in populated and carefully selected locations that all together complete a network of outdoor advertising opportunities. Outdoor media consists of Billboards & Hoardings such as Unipoles, Wallbanners, Megacoms, Roofop, Building Wraps, LED Screen Unipoles, Lampposts & Bridge Banners.


Utilizing all of our media OOH medium (Billboard Advertising) and other media resources like Signage, LED and 3D Mockups, we’re able to provide a 360 degree approach and cater to all of our client’s media and marketing needs. Whether it’s planning, designing, manufacturing, or implementing a media campaign; we’re with you for every step.


We’ve continued to expand since 2000, and are now able to help companies in the UAE looking to advertise abroad, and those brands looking for media experts to assist them in their endeavor to enter the local market. We are proud to hold ourselves to the highest of international standards.

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Site Global has the resources, experience, knowledge, and care to build your brand and drive your campaign. Give us a chance to show you why so many companies continue to put their trust in us after almost 20 years in the market. We will always place the utmost value on honest and caring customer service and delivering creative and luxurious media solutions for all our clients.

"A man who stops advertising to save money,
is like a man who stops a clock to save time."